Really happy couples tend to talk less about their relationship on social networking sites -
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Really happy couples tend to talk less…
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Really happy couples tend to talk less about their relationship on social networking sites


Publishing everything that happens in everyday life on social networks has become a common habit and for many people, it is almost indispensable.

However, behind the exhibitionism and the desperate search for "likes" could be a deep and hidden sense of insecurity and dissatisfaction.

The proof lies in the fact that statistically the people who live a happy relationship are precisely those who spend less time communicating it to the world.

Except in rare cases, it is obvious that what is posted online is almost always adulterated, manipulated on purpose, and is, therefore, anything but spontaneous.

The gesture of taking a “selfie” involves posing, finding the right expression, and repeatedly taking photos until one is happy with the result.

The very concept of taking a photo of a person, an object or a situation, distorts the reality because one waits for the right moment, the perfect angle, and often the scene is arranged like a "do it yourself" photoshoot.

People want to give others a certain image of themselves, to appear to be beautiful, engaged, funny, and with a full and exciting life. As they say “appearances can deceive”, and never as in this case has this proverb been so true.

This concept applies even more to the love relations of couples who are frequently seen posting on social network images that portray all of their love and happiness about being together. However, using another common expression one may say that “all that glitters is not gold".

In fact, in many cases, the reality is very different from how it is represented. Those who live a love story that is truly rewarding and serene have neither the desire nor the time to show off because they are too busy “living it”.

image: pexels

There are those who sometimes want to let people know about their joy, prompted by a sense of revenge towards someone else, to generate envy or the need to send a message to someone that says "my life has gone on without you".

Happiness, when it is sincere, is instead a personal, private thing that should be jealously guarded, or at most shared only with a few people who are really close. 

Every time someone writes on the Internet about how lucky they are to be living such a wonderful love story, one has to wonder why they are wasting their time telling others about it rather than enjoying it

Of course, there is nothing wrong with posting something from time to time, while always remembering to be "more sociable and less social"!

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