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92-year-old husband helps his wife dye…
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92-year-old husband helps his wife dye her hair while in quarantine

By Cylia Queen

It may be true that government restrictions and mandatory quarantine kept many friends and loved ones from spending time with each other, but it hasn't necessarily stopped love from blossoming between certain people. In fact, it's usually in times of difficulty when love between two people grows stronger. It's no secret that the Coronavirus epidemic is disrupting all of our lives; forced to stay at home, most of us have found it difficult to maintain a sense of normalcy throughout the day. One 92-year-old couple, however, have made a pact not to let the Coronavirus completely get in the way of their everyday lives. When Yael Shapira's grandmother couldn't go to the hairdresser anymore (due to government restrictions), her husband helped her dye her hair.       

Quest'uomo di 92 anni si prende cura di sua moglie durante la quarantena 👩‍❤️‍👨 Restare a casa significa prendersi cura...

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You know it's true love when your 92-year-old husband gives you a hand with dying your hair, despite how painful his arthritus is. In a period where many things are uncertain (i.e. when the epidemic will end, what effect it will have on our futures, etc.), it's nice to know that you have someone you can always count on. Someone who knows exactly what to do to cheer you up and make you feel loved. 

This is exactly how Yael's grandparent's feel about each other, and they've been together for a very long time. 

image: הצינור

When Yael's grandmother couldn't go to her hair appointment anymore, her grandfather knew exactly what to do to make her feel special. He dyed her hair himself; no questions asked. He's always done what he could to make his wife feel taken care of, and he was not about to stop now. 

image: Yael Shapira

The photo that Yael took of her granparents made it's way around the internet. It gave people hope in a time where many have thought only about themselves (and their needs). Hopefully this photo will inspire people to treat their loved ones like Yael's grandfather treats his wife. After all, we could all use a little bit of love and kindness in our lives right now. 

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