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Women should go out with their friends…
Struggling to get out of bed is a sign of great intelligence -- a psychological study reveals For a woman, the relationship with her father is fundamental for her development, words from the experts.

Women should go out with their friends at least twice a week, for their well-being

February 21, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Having good friends is an essential component of a complete and satisfying life, and this applies to all human beings.

To confirm this, there are also several scientific studies, especially psychological ones, which investigate the role and value of friendships not only at the social level but also in terms of psychophysical wellbeing

Cases, where friends take on even greater importance than the family, are not uncommon, or often they are an alternative when the family is missing or do not provide adequate affection and emotional support.

For women, in particular, going to visit female friends or other friends outside the couple, is essential for their well-being, so much so that the experts have come to "prescribe" a minimum number of times a week to devote to being in the company of friends.

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According to researchers at the University of Oxford, to be able to say that she is happy and satisfied, a woman needs to go out with her friends at least during the weekend, or "spread out" these two encounters over the course of seven days.

Spending time doing simple things like eating or drinking, chatting, laughing and talking about things means adding more quality to one's life.

This is important to break the routine, to recharge one's batteries, so that one can manage the usual work, home, family routine, without experiencing it as an infinite "loop".

Benefits have been found even for the immune system, so much so that in the case of diseases, healing times are much faster. Spending a few hours shopping and gossiping with friends also helps to reduce anxiety levels by allowing for better management of daily stress.

What matters is that they are good friends and that the number of members of the group does not exceed four people. Within this "range' it is possible to develop an ideal level of interaction and fun, that can produce the hormones of happiness. In larger groups, everyone is more likely to divide their attention and not be able to really enjoy each other's company. 

Moreover, the fact that even "science" also supports the importance of friendship is certainly comforting. However, also by ourselves, we know how important it is to surround ourselves with the right people and how much our friends constitute an invaluable resource for our existence.

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