For a woman, the relationship with her father is fundamental for her development, words from the experts. -
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For a woman, the relationship with her…
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For a woman, the relationship with her father is fundamental for her development, words from the experts.

February 21, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Both parents play an essential role in raising children and in their development. Without detracting from the importance of the mother figure, however, for "daughters", the father is practically their ideal of a man to whom to aspire to have as a husband.

From an early age, for a daughter, her father is a concrete example of what it means to build a healthy life, be a realized person, and to do things the right way. 

When women have had an absent or dysfunctional father, they almost always show little trust in the male gender and suffer from low self-esteem.

Today, men have the opportunity to participate more in the lives of their daughters, from changing diapers to the most decisive moments, witnessing their joys and achievements, as well as their pains and setbacks.

Here is in what and how many ways the relationship between a father and his child is important.

A more stable life 

Even in a time when the roles in the couple are no longer as clear as they were in the past, the father is still considered the main support of the family. For a young girl, her father is the symbol of security and stability, both emotional and practical. A father who has always supported his daughter economically and encouraged her in her studies, and in maintaining good health, is the basis for creating a happy and successful life.

More healthy relationships 

For every daughter, her father is "the man of her dreams", the one who can show her how a woman should be treated with love and respect. In long-term relationships, the positive characteristics attributed to the father, are precisely the same that are sought in a life partner.


Emotional maturity

A woman who has had the good fortune of living a good relationship with her father, once adult, will have less risk of developing disorders such as anxiety or depression, and will be able to manage stress adequately. She will experience feelings and relationships in a healthier way, intertwining satisfying social relationships and building a more serene life.

Greater self-esteem 

Harmony and affection between father and daughter generate trust and contribute to building a positive self-image. If a father supports and encourages his daughter, this will help her to overcome her insecurities, and make her aware of her abilities and her value.

image: unsplash

Finally, if a father is important to a daughter, the opposite is also true. This is not only because it is wonderful to nurture a daughter, to love her, and to protect her from everything, but simply because it is the most natural thing in the world.

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