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A squirrel visits a photographer's house…
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A squirrel visits a photographer's house every day, so he creates a different scene every time and takes a picture!


Nature photography is a branch of photography that no doubt requires a lot of patience and experience.

There are many variables to take into account in order to be able to take the perfect picture: the sunlight, the weather, the position to be taken, the possibility to bring and use the necessary equipment ... In short, one cannot become a nature photographer overnight. 

Geert Weggen is definitely an expert in nature photography. In fact, after having traveled the world to capture breathtaking landscapes and animals, one day he realized he could make beautiful photos remaining seated on the porch of his house ... It all started with the visit of a red squirrel.

Geert Weggen is a professional photographer of Swedish origin.

One day a red squirrel found itself on the porch of Geert's house.


When Geert saw it, immediately he went back inside to get some meat for the squirrel, who greatly appreciated the man's gesture.

The next day he returned, as well as the following days, still asking for food.

Geert tried placing some objects nearby and noticed that the squirrel interacted with them manifesting its curiosity.


It was then that he came up with the idea of ​​using his camera.

In a short time, his porch became a real photographic studio with lights, backdrops, props, and the inevitable squirrels.


The capture images seem to have come straight out of a Disney movie!

Geert ensures that everything is done with complete respect for the squirrels. They are not locked up in cages, and they can come and go whenever they wish.


In fact, the photographer takes advantage of the few moments in which the squirrels explore the scene curiously and thanks to Geert readiness, it seems like the animals have been trained.

Not only are squirrels the protagonists of Geert's photographs but later a fox and a bird also arrived.

On some occasions, Geert even manages to photograph a perfect picture frame of flowers and plants.

These photos make us imagine a fairytale world, like those that are only seen at the movies or the ones we imagine ourselves while reading a book of fables.

These photos also allow us to discover a very curious animal --- the red squirrel!

The desire to inhale deeply and enjoy the lovely perfume of this flower is clearly evident!

Capture images like this, reveal all the skill of the photographer and the beauty of nature!


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