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21 cats that are absolutely irresistible…
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21 cats that are absolutely irresistible due to their particularities and overall cuteness!


Irresistibly proud and independent, quietly disdainful, and sweetly charming. Cats are all of this and much more! These animals can be elusive as well as affectionate, but only with the people they choose, let's be clear!

Theirs is a fascination that they have exerted on us humans since ancient times when the Egyptians made them deities, and from which it is still impossible to escape. 

Furthermore, just when you think you know them well, then they surprise you not only with their unusual beauty but also with their one-of-a-kind expressions. Here are 21 feline specimens that are not to be missed.

1. Thor, the Bengal is a cat ... that is awesome!

2. This adorable kitten wanted to be born a snow tiger


3. A galaxy is reflected in its eyes

4. Born to give and receive love

 5. A rare specimen of 50% cat and 50% tail, for a 100% wonderful result!


 6. A cat with precious gold-streaked eyes

 7. Silky, a Maine Coon, the king of cats

Silky . . #mainecoon #kitten

Pubblicato da Felis Gallery by Robert Sijka su Mercoledì 4 aprile 2018

8. Who does not want to hold gently - in one hand - little Marley?

 9. Very elegant and with an irresistible look


 10. Wonderful Ragdoll is one big puff of soft lovable fur

11. An enchanting Minnie, the mouse kitten?

 12. All the beauty of the wild Caracal cat in this splendid kitten

 13. Impossible to resist Smoothie's gaze

14. Coby, the cat who loves corners

 15. And where did you leave Shrek?

 16. From Russia, with love, two sisters Iriss and Abyss

17. "All your stories are so amazing!"

 18. Alice, the Persian cat really seems to come from the Wonderland

 20. We present Narnia, the cat divided between two worlds

21. Utamaru, the coffee kitten

So, which one is your favorite? Unfortunately, they are already all loved and pampered, but the truth is that every cat is unique in the eyes of its owner.


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