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Three negative behaviors capable of…
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Three negative behaviors capable of wounding a mother's heart

February 13, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Mothers are a universal reference point in our lives as children, and they remain fundamental figures even when one has grown up, despite the fact that the relationship changes considerably - and rightly so - with respect to childhood. 

Therefore, it often happens that a mother's habit of always taking care of her children becomes annoying, if not unbearable, for a child that is now an adult. And the discussions can sometimes take on animated tones, and words fly that, later, everyone will regret having said.

Yes, because every child knows well that their mother wants only the best for them, and for that reason, she speaks and reacts, but the adult child inevitably forgets this for a moment and gets overwhelmed by impatience.

It is said that a mother forgives everything, and even if this is true, there are three things that you should never do to your mother to avoid hurting her.

  •  1. INDIFFERENCE. Something that deeply hurts a mother is to be treated with indifference as if she does not exist or is not worth our attention; especially since it was she who has dedicated most of her time to us, and who is always there ready to help us and accompany us. Nonetheless, her care and attention, when it is too much and excessive, can tire and irritate us, but we must remember that our mother is animated by the best intentions. In fact, mothers want to continue to be part of the lives of their children, and for this reason, they bombard their children with questions about their life, even in regards to their daily activities. After all, we as their children will always be the central part of their lives. Therefore, do not ignore your mother, but instead answer her questions, even the annoying ones; and you will make her very happy.
  • 2. CONFLICTS BETWEEN SIBLINGS. The love of a mother for her child is comparable only to her love for another one of her children -- even if she can manifest it in different ways (after all, children are also different from each other!). For this reason, she cannot bear to know that her children - even if they have grown up - are in conflict. This is because she has seen you both grow up together, and she knows even better than you do how much you are really alike, how much you are linked to each other, and the deep love that unites you - even if you may have argued and you do not think this is true. In any case, thinking of her family as a serene and peaceful nest makes her happy. So do not argue with your siblings, but try instead to understand each other, even when you are in disagreement, remembering the good things that you have shared between you.
image: pixabay
  • 3. LACK OF RECOGNITION. A mother's love is unconditional because what she wants is for her children to be healthy and happy; however, this does not mean that a mother would not like to receive some attention and appreciation from her children. Indeed, a caress, a hug, a kiss are the best rewards for a mother. Of course, it does not hurt either to help her when she needs something or to accompany her on errands. Reserve some of your free time to spend with your mom and do something nice together - like going to the movies, an exhibition or shopping - it is these things that make her the happiest because you are the most important thing in her life. And there's nothing better than being together with you who are her heart and soul. 

There are many ways to make a mother happy, and many others that can hurt her; but she will always be there for you, despite everything. So remember this and offer her the best part of you. :)

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