A letter from a son to his father who did not want to stay

Shirley Marie Bradby

February 06, 2019

A letter from a son to his father who did not want to stay

Becoming a parent is a wonderful experience that a person can have in life, but for some, it can also become an unsurpassable challenge.

It is not uncommon, for example, that a woman is left alone to raise a child because the father has abandoned her, frightened by the idea of taking on responsibility.

This situation also forces a child to live in a void, without a father, and not understanding why their father did not want them.

Here is a letter from a son to the man who is his father but who did not want to be his dad.

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To you who helped to bring me into this world, I say thank you. 

Thank you because without you I would have never known the wonderful woman who raised me, and why without you she would never have discovered how strong and brave she was. 

I do not care why you left, you had your reasons, and if you could not contribute in any way to my life, I think it was destiny that wanted you to leave and not be a part of it.

From time to time maybe you think about me, and perhaps wonder how I am doing, maybe you have even seen me as I come out of the house. I also do this, I think about what my life would have been like if you had not gone away. The truth, however, is that basically, my life has not been so bad, because the woman you abandoned was able to fill the void you left.

I forgive you because maybe you had nothing more to give, even if at the beginning it was difficult to accept not having a father. I have survived despite all the difficulties, I have learned to be independent, and that the love that really matters is the love coming from the people who want to be near me.


I've never heard anything bad about you, after all, there's not much to say about someone who was never there. But I know that I do not want a man like you in my life, let alone in that of my children. 

Your absence has helped me to recognize my value and it taught me to choose the people I love. My battles and my successes have nothing to do with you. If I have inherited something from you I have no idea what it is, because what made me what I am is the love of the woman you abandoned.

I do not hate you because I have already forgiven you. I managed to create my own happiness without your help. If I am here today, it is also thanks to you, someone who abandoned me because he did not want to stick around to see me grow up.