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3 good reasons to take off your shoes…
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3 good reasons to take off your shoes before entering the house: It is a healthy and useful habit


In various international cultures, there is a very interesting unwritten rule: Before going into the house you take off your shoes.

In itself, it may seem a trivial concept, but behind this tradition, there are reasons of hygiene, good manners, and rest and relaxation.

Of course, everyone is free to do as one sees fit in one's own home, and of course,  less when one is a guest in the home of others. But why so much distaste against shoes? Because there are at least three very good reasons not to wear them at home.

 1. Shoes fight dirt

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A study by the University of Arizona has estimated that outside our home, we collect more than 400 thousand bacteria, including pathogens that can cause meningitis, diarrhea, pneumonia, wound infections and so on: also with shoes, we can bring into our home toxic substances like the residues of herbicides. 

All this ends up on the floors, the same floors on which we - perhaps - lie down to see a movie, sit down to read or let our children play. In short, the choice is yours if you have clean or dirty floors.

2. All in the name of rest and relaxation

image: pixabay.com

After a long day of running here and there, our feet are one of the most stressed parts of our body. Also, for this reason, we can hardly wait to slip off our shoes once we enter the house.

Doing it as soon as you cross the threshold brings enormous benefits, both from an emotional point of view (taking off your shoes as soon as return home is like tossing away all the problems of the day) and from the physical point of view. In fact, according to some studies, walking barefoot helps prevent flat feet and restores the natural curves of the soles of our feet.

In addition, walking without shoes helps keep the muscles in our feet active, which while covered by footwear, are not stimulated.


 3. Respect for others

image: pixabay.com

How many times have you disturbed your neighbors by walking noisily around inside your house with your shoes on? And how many times have you been a victim of this same annoyance? Well, the solution is within reach: take off your shoes before crossing the threshold of your home.

This will not only help your social interaction in condominiums but it will also save some types of floors from wear and tear. For example, parquet, and wood floors are strongly affected by the deterioration caused by shoes. In short, also, in this case, it would be better to walk around the house without shoes.

Taking off your shoes before entering your house should be something natural but, if not, it still not too late to adopt this habit, by starting TODAY!

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