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Fall in love with someone who can touch…
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Fall in love with someone who can touch your soul, before they touch your body!


There are extraordinary examples of human beings in the world, individuals who know how to give us serenity, and when we are with them we feel like we are at home.

Many will be able to say that they are there for us, but only those who can really touch our souls can be our true traveling companions.

How many people will we meet along the way?  A lot, and some we will not even remember their names and faces, others, however, those who touch our heartstrings, we will never forget.

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These type of people succeed in nourishing our feelings and our emotions, making us want to have them next to us for as long as possible.

But often we are the first to ruin all of this because we fall prey to our inner demons that we have never confronted and conflicts that we have never solved.

Instead of lying, escaping, and hiding it is precisely then that we have to open up and show our wounds that are still open. Those who love us sincerely will know how to look at them without fear and also know how to help us heal them

Our actions sometimes do not reflect our intentions; so, unfortunately, we end up suffering the consequences, and moving more and more away from who or what we really want to be.

How many times have we happened to say to someone or to repeat to ourselves the words "I didn't mean to"? For this reason, we must reflect well before saying or doing something which we will be sorry for later.

The effects can be seen all around us, in everyday life, but instead of reacting and changing things, we stand still and watch our world collapse.

image: Unsplash

It is not possible and it is not right to hold on to someone who wants to leave, but we must learn to find the real reason for that farewell, by also taking a good look at ourselves in the mirror.

Sometimes, we ourselves create the conditions for separation, by allowing our pride to prevail rather than our love. Admitting one's mistakes, one's own limitations, and defects is the first step towards change, but without ever trampling on one's own dignity.

We must learn to recognize the value of our relationships and understand the difference between those who are only able to touch our body and those instead who manage to touch our soul.

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