The bond between cousins is a special friendship to be jealously guarded -
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The bond between cousins is a special…
Sometimes we say we are tired, but the reality is that we are sad For a child, it is better to have parents who are separated but in harmony, than married parents in perennial conflict

The bond between cousins is a special friendship to be jealously guarded


Each member of the family has a role and a particular value for a child that is growing up, and on the family tree, cousins are among the most important branches.

This is true even if you already have brothers or sisters, and even more so when you are an only child because cousins are the first contact with a reality that goes beyond the walls of your house.

Thanks to them, in infancy or adolescence, we can transcend the dimension of our daily problems and rules, letting us learn about a small portion of the larger world.

Thanks to our cousins we often take our first short trips and learn to interact with new situations and environments.

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Not always did one have the good fortune to live in the same city as one's cousins, but nevertheless, the distance did not take anything away from the strength of the bond, and it took only a few moments to reconnect after months of being apart.

A very common phrase states that "cousins are our first friends" and this is very true. The relationship of affection and complicity that is created between the children of brothers and sisters is something special, and precious, which is preserved and remains etched in the memory and heart even as adults. 

As a child, during the moments of play spent with our cousins, quarreling was normal, as was also to make peace. As children, we knew that the more time we spent bickering the more time we took away from having fun, and this was a reasonable incentive to resolve the conflict quickly.

The desire to resume playing and forget the reason for the fight was also dictated by the limited time available, because with cousins, sometimes you could not see each other often. This lesson on the value of time and giving importance only to what really counts is something we knew instinctively in childhood, but that we forget all too often in adulthood.

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From cousins, you can also learn a lot of things. Who has not had a smart and cool cousin, one of which to brag proudly to friends and spread the tales of their deeds, sometimes even exaggerated?

Having a reference figure who always knew a little more about us, with whom to confide without feeling the embarrassment present in the relationship with parents, has always made a big difference in everyone's life.

Cousins often grow apart because of the bad relationships that develop between their parents. On the other hand, when there is understanding and affection between the uncles and aunts, this also affects their sibling's children, generating respect and harmony in the whole family.

The same healthy way in which cousins have grown up will almost always be passed on to their children when it is time to become parents in their turn.

Having cousins means that we can count on a precious resource, it means never being really alone even if we are far away, in that there is always a part of our family ready to support us at all times.

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