These are the clues that reveal to you that you have found a gentleman -
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These are the clues that reveal to you…
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These are the clues that reveal to you that you have found a gentleman


The term "gentleman" comes from the Latin gentilis, which means belonging to a gens, and is found in many languages, such as French - gentilhomme, Spanish - gentilhombre, English - gentleman, and in Portuguese - gentil-homem.

In its original form, it denoted an educated man from a good family. Both in France and in Great Britain this denomination was used for men who were legitimately born into a noble family, unlike those who had subsequently become noble. 

Currently, the term gentleman refers to a person who behaves correctly, respectfully, and elegantly. Unfortunately, however, gentlemen today have become increasingly rare, like whiteflies. Here are some characteristics that allow us to recognize them.

image: Unsplash

The gentleman is a kind and patient man whose distinctive feature is the attention he gives to others and to those who are close to him. A gentleman is a man who stands up to surrender his chair to a woman or an elderly person; it is a man who cares about our state of mind and who sustains us both in his words and his actions. 

A gentleman always tells the truth, is an honest person, likes to joke and provoke others with his intelligence, but does not engage in gossip and vulgarity. In fact, he never talks about his intimate relationship with his companion, never reveals the details of their relationship to avoid embarrassing them.

A gentleman always keeps his word and demonstrates it in his deeds. If he tells you he will do something, he will most likely complete the task. He knows how to listen and advise others and behaves in a friendly way with everyone, even those who are rude.

A gentleman worries about the comfort and safety of those around him, even in the small details. He's the kind of man who gives you space and respects you, but who still lets you feel his presence and his protection in case you need it.

image: Maxpixel

A gentleman is always on time; he will never make others wait for him to arrive.

The true gentleman is an expert in proper and polite manners. The words "thank you" and "please" are always present in his vocabulary and he prefers to remain silent rather than become offensive, even during an argument.

Furthermore, a gentleman stands up when he has to shake someone's hand and he offers to carry a suitcase or even a simple shopping bag. In short, a gentleman is the one who, through his gestures, which are often not very blatant, gives us a feeling of security and makes us feel at home.

So, if you are lucky enough to meet a man like that, do all you can to keep him close!

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