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11 questions you need to ask yourself…
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11 questions you need to ask yourself to improve your life


It is often believed that to be able to complete each task and achieve one's goals, it is necessary to maintain a fast pace, in order to realize one's dreams as soon as possible.

However, in reality, sometimes we run the risk of losing sight of ourselves and our goal, and only later, once we have achieved it with sweat and sacrifice, discover that it is not what makes us happy.

From time to time, it is good to stop and think about what you are doing and analyze your life. At least, this is what life coach Shannon Kaiser suggests.

According to the life coach, there are 11 questions that each of us should ask ourselves to improve the quality of our life.

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  • 1. HOW IS MY LIFE? Try to understand what led you to the current moment in your life, and where you are on the path to fulfilling your dreams. Do you like where you work? Does the person by your side make you feel good? Who are you and who do you want to be? If something does not reflect who you are anymore, change it.
  • 2. WHAT MAKES ME ANGRY? Anger prevents us from feeling good. Sometimes, however, it may be the only link we have with a person, and therefore we accumulate too much negativity within us. Often, the best thing to do is to try to forgive, and let the resentment flow away so that we can enjoy life better.
  • 3. DO I CARE TOO MUCH ABOUT WHAT OTHERS THINK? Ask yourself if you are afraid to express your dreams and your thoughts to others and if this prevents you from making important decisions. Learn to disregard the opinions of others about your life, so as not to waste time and energy, allowing them to distract you from your true goals. Trust yourself and you will not need to try to get appreciation from others.
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  • 4. DOES THE PLACE WHERE I LIVE MAKE ME HAPPY? Various studies reveal the influence that our environment has on our happiness. So, think of the places you would like to visit. Maybe you will discover that you want or need to move to another place, to open up new horizons, and to feel better about yourself.
  • 5. DO I LIKE MY JOB? One does not always have the job of one's dreams! But if what you are doing does not make you happy, maybe you should look for your what you really want to do and change your job. Listen to your inner voice.
  • 6. WHAT PART OF MY LIFE AM I IGNORING? There are aspects of our life that we do not like to dwell on. Yet, even if we try to ignore them, they still hurt us, making us feel shame or guilt. This is because it is impossible to free ourselves unless we face our fear and identify it. Only then will we know how to deal with it. And we will come out stronger, after having finally eliminated the obstructions to our chance to be happy. 
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  • 7. WHAT MEMORIES OF MYSELF DO I WANT TO LEAVE BEHIND? Being yourself is difficult, but only in this way can you be happy! Show others your true personality in order to find authentic friends.
  • 8. HOW IS MY RELATIONSHIP WITH MYSELF? It is important to accept oneself and recognize one's qualities and one's efforts. Loving yourself is essential to be able to share the best part of yourself with the world, and be happy.
  • 9. WHAT HAVE I ALWAYS WANTED TO DO BUT HAVE NEVER ALLOWED IT? This question can dramatically change your life, provided you answer it honestly. Have you continuously postponed the moment to do something you have always loved, citing different excuses from time to time? Stop postponing and act --- live your life to the fullest!
  • 10. WHAT IS THE DEFINITION OF SUCCESS FOR ME? For some, it is money, for others a prestigious profession, and success for others is linked to popularity. But from a spiritual point of view, the only important thing is what you feel about your life and your goals. Are you learning new things, becoming more mature, taking care of yourself and those around you? Are you making progress towards the realization of your desires? Redefine your personal concept of "success" by connecting with your inner self.
  • 11. WHAT AM I WILLING TO LET GO? Make a list of all those people, places, ideas, and beliefs that prevent you from being in harmony with yourself, and let go of them. Only then will you be able to free yourself to live a peaceful existence.

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