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Disappointments happen to make you open…
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Disappointments happen to make you open your eyes --- not close your heart!


Each of us has hopes and expectations that do not always come true. Then we feel disillusioned and troubled because disappointments hurt and it is even worse if they come from the people we are particularly fond of. 

Disappointment is perceived as something negative that affects our lives. We must learn, however, that disappointments can also teach us a lot. For example, we can evaluate our expectations towards ourselves and others or discover what really makes us happy.

Sometimes, a person stubbornly wants something and if they do not get it, they are disappointed and depressed. However, if our happiness depends on obtaining something we want and we do not get it, then we are in serious trouble.

Why? Because happiness is a subjective state of mind and if we are not satisfied with what we have, then we may not be happy even if we obtain something we desire.

In addition, modern society requires us to obtain things at certain times. For example, improve at work, find a soul mate, or reach a certain goal. But each of us is unique and has their own time frame. So, not getting what you want at a certain time does not mean that you will never obtain it.

When a soul mate is found, everything is expected to be sublime and captivating. However, sometimes, the expectations of one partner in regards to the other are too high and demanding. So it is good to ask if that person is really able to meet our expectations; and so, instead of getting depressed or angry, we have to think about the other person and what can be done for them. 

You should not fossilize on a single path when trying to achieve a goal, you must accept that there are different circumstances that may require you to improvise. So, we should not immediately get discouraged, but instead, start to think of a different way to achieve our goal all the same.

We must be able to seize the opportunity that even disappointments can offer us, namely, to grow and mature. Sometimes, we create voluntary "barriers" that close us off from the world. Certainly, they will keep us free from further disappointments, but in doing so we will lose the ability to love, live and, why not, delude ourselves again.

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