True love is what transforms uncertainties into certainties. And above all, it never cheats ... -
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True love is what transforms uncertainties…
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True love is what transforms uncertainties into certainties. And above all, it never cheats ...


We are all looking for the true, authentic love of a person who accepts us with all our faults and our virtues.

It has been said that love is knowing everything about someone and still having the desire to be with them more than with any other person.

Finding the person who transforms our uncertainties into certainties, our fears into happiness, that understands us and accepts us even when there are divergences of ideas, is not simple.

However, but if we know how to give that person confidence, security, and dignity, which is ultimately what we also ask for ourselves, then a wonderful, fantastic, and an immensely happy world will open up around us.

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So let's learn, first of all, to be honest. To say what disturbs or is troubling us. Talking together and trying to understand each other is the basis of every relationship. 

Let us put aside uncertainties and make sure that our love will never end, that it will always be "More than today and less than tomorrow." 

Let us listen to ourselves, with both our heart and mind and always find a solution that does not belittle ourselves or our partner. We cannot always agree on everything, but small concessions willingly made to each other lead to a communion of the soul that strengthens love. 

Every person is the architect of their own destiny and must pursue their dreams and realize them while being aware of their own value and deciding with confidence the objectives to be accomplished. Even though these goals may not be approved by our partner, if they really love us, they will still give us support, respect, and freedom of choice.

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It is necessary to always be sincere --- and lies and deception must be banned, as well as cheating.  Because if you forgive even one lie, you will feel the need to be on your guard to see if more lies will follow. Then, it is no longer true love, but love with an expiration date, that certainly is not good for anyone.

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Love is the very essence of a deep and authentic bond, of total affinity with the loved one. And due to this affinity, no true love will ask us to change, to be different from how we are. Our partner will love our every flaw as we will love theirs. 

Let's not be satisfied with love relationships that inspire fear, worry, and tears. Love is happiness, understanding, moral support, sincerity, and serenity; and this is what we aspire to give -- and deserve.

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