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A hug, given at the right time, works…
Between friends, time and distance do not count for anything because it is their heart that is connected Disappointments happen to make you open your eyes --- not close your heart!

A hug, given at the right time, works better than a thousand comforting words!


A hug is a gesture that expresses a large range of affection. According to scientific studies, hugs would also have a beneficial effect at the physiological level, increasing the level of oxytocin and lowering blood pressure simultaneously. 

And it is this neurotransmitter, oxytocin, which ignites the relationship between two people who embrace each other, whether it be two friends, two relatives, or two lovers. Hugs are not just a prerogative of human beings, in fact, we find similar behaviors also among animals.

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Therefore, to show that we feel close to someone, to express love, or our support, all that is needed is a hug which is worth a thousand words. It is in fact, the physical contact with the other, during the embrace, that generates that feeling of protection that is able to calm us down and lessen our worries.

Also when we are alone and we are experiencing a particularly difficult moment and we feel sad, or sick, we feel a spontaneous need to hug and cuddle ourselves.

This physical need to feel protected and loved is present from an early age and never disappears over the course of our lives. The importance of hugs is evident in the correct emotional development of a child, who must feel comforted, loved, and protected.

image: pexels

A hug makes us feel not so alone, it makes us understand that there are those who support us and those who love us. It also seems that hugs can increase our immune defenses and also speed up the healing process of some diseases.

The power of a hug is, therefore, really quite extensive since it also increases our self-esteem and confidence, strengthens relationships, even decreases the risk of heart disease, and keeps blood pressure under control.

So, when we want to be close to a person, be it a family member or a friend, do not hesitate to hug them because with this small, but important gesture, we will be able to express more than a thousand words.

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