The Peter Pan aka Simon syndrome is alive and kicking -- -single, narcissistic, and deeply immature -
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The Peter Pan aka Simon syndrome is…
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The Peter Pan aka Simon syndrome is alive and kicking -- -single, narcissistic, and deeply immature


This individual is a man who is already between the ages of 28 and 38, but he still has no intention of forming a family, nor of living in a couple's relationship.

He is single and loves himself more than anything else. He spends all the money he earns on himself and his hobbies and does not put anything aside.

He is very ambitious and has a great obsession with the advancement of his career because it allows him to satisfy his own needs and desires. 

His main "thoughts", which are almost maniacal, are about taking care of his body and thinking about having fun.

What is being described is the so-called "Simon syndrome", which represents the mythical story of Narcissus. Simon stands for S as a single, as immature, M as a materialist, O as obsessed with work and N as a narcissist.

For psychologists, these men are still sentimentally immature since they have failed to truly love a life partner, and love only themselves. They are only committed to being successful in their work in order to earn and spend their money on traveling, clothes, and for various forms of entertainment. Men with Simon's syndrome live day by day, do not plan their tomorrow, and they are not looking for a woman with whom to build a life together. 

We can recognize these people from four main characteristics: Being single, which means the absence of having a serious partner who is close to them in a stable relationship. For these men, being together with another person is like living in a cage, thus they show that they have an incorrect understanding of freedom. 

Consequently, men with the "Simon syndrome" are sentimentally immature, they do not know what it means to truly love another person, to give of themselves completely, or to build a life together with someone. They succeed in loving only themselves which is manifested by an excessive love for their own well-being.

Finally, they are obsessed with material success, because for them spending money is important to realize their desires and having lots of money means being unbeatable. 

Furthermore, they are profoundly narcissistic, obsessed with beauty and their body. They spend a lot of time in the gym, and in some cases, they turn to cosmetic surgery and surgical retouching; and are extremely attentive to their diet and nutrition. 

In short, no one says that a "Simon" man cannot be loved, but surely those close to him must have a lot of patience and above all a lot of self-esteem of their own!

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