Smiling while feeling like you are dying inside --- Here are 5 characteristics of "hidden" depression -
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Smiling while feeling like you are dying…
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Smiling while feeling like you are dying inside --- Here are 5 characteristics of "hidden" depression


What is depression? This term refers to the presence of a sad or irritable mood, which is accompanied by physiological, physical, and cognitive changes.

However, there are also forms of hidden depression, typical of those people who for example always laugh or who want to always be in the company of other people.

The person who is affected by depression disregards these symptoms, he or she does not even realize that they are depressed, and in doing so, they hide their suffering that they cannot manage and overcome.

How, then, to recognize a person with hidden depression?

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There are five signs that must be identified: the first concerns being obsessively sociable. Those who suffer from hidden depression do not like being alone and try to surround themselves with people so as not to be alone with their own sadness. They try to organize meetings, excursions, and if, they cannot physically be together with someone, then they will be constantly on their smartphone calling friends and relatives.

Furthermore, the second symptom to be analyzed is when they always emphasize how they are feeling.  These people will never say they are doing well, but very well, as they try to hide their inner discomfort from themselves and others around them. 

The third element to be identified is if they often talk about their past since, in a state of depression, the past has an important role. If, even in a playful way, but they often refer to their past experiences during their conversations, it means that these people have not yet closed with the past and that there are some unresolved situations.

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The fourth indicator to take into consideration is the presence of an eating disorder. If such changes in their eating habits are not transitory, but permanent, then they are a clear symptom of hidden depression.

The last indicator is the fact that these people cannot sleep soundly. They usually sleep very little or sleep too much.

In any case, we should always remember to never underestimate depression. It is an insidious and difficult to recognize pathology and it is absolutely not equivalent to "tiredness"' or "sadness".

If you wish to eliminate doubt, or if you are worried about someone close to you, contact a licensed mental health practitioner to make a correct diagnosis and to provide the appropriate care.

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