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Women you have been warned! Not seeing…
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Women you have been warned! Not seeing your friends regularly is bad for your health!


Marriage and motherhood for a woman are not the end of her social life, they cannot and must not be.

At stake is not only the risk of falling into a boring routine and experiencing the frustration of an unsatisfactory everyday life but this also can compromise a woman's psycho-physical health.

This has been confirmed by a study carried out by the University of Oxford which underlines the importance of maintaining contact with one's friends outside the home especially after taking on the roles of a wife and mother.

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According to this research, it is advisable if not actually, necessary, to go out at least a couple of times a week to have fun together with friends to preserve our physical and mental well-being over the long term.
Having fun is not a trivial and negligible aspect of life since this helps us to relieve stress and is, therefore,  essential to maintaining a good life balance and to recharge our batteries. 

A good mood allows us to have a more relaxed state of mind which benefits the emotional sphere, immune system, and the whole body in general.

In fact, women who are able to alleviate the pressure of home duties develop fewer illnesses or in any case, heal faster. As if this were not enough, this translates into greater peace of mind and better relationships at home with benefits for the whole family. 

For women, finding time and space for themselves means generating and maintaining more harmony with all the family members, thereby, removing the risk of anxiety, depression or other kinds of disorders that develop or worsen by neglecting their own needs.

Maybe, in the beginning, it will not be so easy to organize, but as always "where there is a will, there is a way". All that is needed is just an evening or two in the weekly schedule to come back home feeling like new!

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Despite the children and a spouse, despite the profession, personal commitments or becoming older, one must not say goodbye to one's friends, or to going out for dinner, or even weekends away from home.

Creating and maintaining a family must be a new dimension of happiness that is added to the old one, which must not be completely erased.

In fact, every woman keeps within herself a part of the girl she was, who spent hours with her friends chatting and laughing, forgetting about everything else and savoring the little things in life.

If as we mature, our responsibilities increase and even if duty comes before pleasure, still there must also be fun and enjoyment in our lives! And the reward will be a happy family and an existence without regrets ... which is definitely not a small thing to achieve!

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