Physical attraction, without mental attraction, is not enough. -
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Physical attraction, without mental…
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Physical attraction, without mental attraction, is not enough.


We walk down the street and suddenly our eyes are captured by the beauty of an unknown person who, like a magnet, captures our attention and imagination. And who has never experienced a similar situation?

That fact that the physical aspect plays a significant role in stimulating our interest and maybe even making us fall in love, is quite common. 

As a foregone conclusion, however, it should be affirmed that physical beauty, by itself, is not enough to be able to create and above all to sustain a relationship. What is indispensable is the mental attraction.

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Of course, if we had not been caught by that magnetic gaze or that enchanting face, perhaps we would never have been tempted to approach that person to get to know them and discover all their personal qualities.

In fact, physical attraction can be an important catalyst for our attention, but it is not enough. If the object of our desire - perhaps initially physical - does not capture our intellectual and emotional interest, even the flame of the most intense passion goes out, over time.

The relationship of a couple is born spontaneously when two people relate to each other so well that they want to spend their life together, and feel they cannot live without each other.

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It is clearly felt when at some point during the day you are troubled by a problem and you would simply like to find comfort in that person who is able, with a hug, to alleviate all our suffering. But we feel it, equally, when we are happy about something, and we would like to share it with that person because that would only augment our - and their- joy.

We want to feel that together with our partner we can get rid of every social construct, every superficiality, and live in the light and fullness of all that we are and were meant to be. And this happens when we feel that we are deeply understood and that the other person knows our soul so much, that they also love our faults - and vice versa.

In the face of the totality and depth of a love relationship that is authentic, the aesthetic aspect is absolutely irrelevant. This is also because one's true love is always wonderful in the eyes of their lover.

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