Patience is a distinguishing characteristic of mentally strong people -
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Patience is a distinguishing characteristic…
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Patience is a distinguishing characteristic of mentally strong people


Patience is a virtue that guides human beings, characterized by the ability to overcome the various setbacks and difficulties encountered along their life path.

Patience is a quality and an inner attitude of those who accept pain, adversity, offenses, disputes, with a calm and peaceful mind, while controlling their emotions and persevering in their actions.

It is the necessary calm, constancy, assiduity, and application without interruption in doing a task or in regards to any life path that we have chosen as ours.

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From the philosophical point of view, "patience is the courageous constancy that opposes evil and allows a person not to be dominated by it". 

Many moments of our life require patience, tolerance and calm, which are necessary to avoid acting when situations do not depend directly on us. In fact, these virtues allow us to also understand when it is time to take action, to face obstacles with strength, integrity, and without regrets.

Moreover, it is this conscious alternation between expectation and action that characterizes a mature person.

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There are circumstances in our life that, unfortunately, we cannot change immediately, there are moments that we can not transform quickly and, certainly, we will not always get the results we hope or want. And it is during those situations, that patience allows us to overcome all of that and to open new chapters of our existence with greater maturity and self-confidence. 

Patience will make us more serene, more understanding, with less prejudice and, therefore, we will have a clearer view of all situations. 

By developing patience, waiting will be different, it will make us different, and it will become a part of a person's maturity and way of facing life. The well-known scientist Isaac Newton also said: "If I made any valuable discoveries, it was more for being patient than for any other talent." Let us, therefore, make patience our eternal companion and ally.


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