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Learn to not complain and to be thankful…
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Learn to not complain and to be thankful for what you have because only then can you say you have reached spiritual maturity.


Learn to be quiet, not to complain, and to always be thankful for what we have obtained or received. Only in this way can one reach what is called spiritual maturity.

You are spiritually mature when you accept that you make mistakes, learn to apologize and not play around with what is important, and when you realize that someone needs help and you run to their aid.

You are spiritually mature also when you do not instigate others to take revenge and when you are looking for the best way to heal from wounds without wishing to make them. 

Spiritual maturity allows us to be more selective, to understand that there are few people on whom we can count, and it makes us become good friends who can be empathetic without wanting anything in return.

Being spiritually mature also means no longer judging others from their appearances, no longer measuring the pain of others according to one's own scale, and not interfering with the choices other people make, but instead respecting them.

Spiritual maturity is the state of being that allows us to feel pleasure in solitude be able to immerse ourselves in a moment of deep peace and connection with our soul.

But how is spiritual maturity achieved?

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Spiritual maturity is obtained after a strenuous journey, after ups and downs and obstacles overcome with your own strength. Spiritual maturity is achieved when one learns to love oneself, to recognize one's limits without hating them, when the useless feelings of guilt disappear, when one forgives one's own mistakes and employs one's energies in the effort to rectify, and when one begins to pray not only for oneself but above all for others.

Being spiritually mature will help us to distance ourselves from negative people and to no longer believe in false promises, to stop envying others, and to desire only to improve ourselves while being thankful for the immense and precious gift that is life.


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