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Going out without your children once…
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Going out without your children once a week will make you better parents


If it is true that marriage is not a simple thing and that the relationship is further complicated by the arrival of children.

Both parents' attention is completely absorbed by the children, there is no extra time and energy to devote to everything else. In fact, parents barely have time to sleep, let alone do anything else.

In this situation, what can suffer the consequences, is the couple's relationship and the reasons why they fell in love which brought their children into being in the first place.

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With the arrival of children, it is quite normal to pass from looking forward impatiently to seeing one's partner at the end of the day to barely seeing each other between one thing and another. And to frequently go from having the desire to conquer the world to yearning for just 10 minutes of peace and relaxation.

The benefits of a united and happy couple are many, but when things do not go well between the partners, the first to suffer are the children. It is the experience of many couples that suggests that it is precisely in the first year of life of their first child that a relationship is more likely to end. It is one of the most difficult periods, which puts a great strain on people both individually, as a couple, and as a family.

Nothing is inevitable, and there is a way to prevent the loving relationship with your partner from deteriorating. Here are some of the best ways to overcome this critical moment.

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  • 1. Go out without your children.  Often the problem is not knowing who to leave the children with to be able to go out in peace with your partner, but finding a solution is vital. This because giving up on enjoying life as a loving couple, to become just parents never leads to good things for the survival of the relationship. 
  • 2. Take advantage of the evening. It has been proven that putting children to bed early, as well as being very beneficial to their health, is also good for parents who then have the opportunity to devote some time to themselves. You can do household chores together, watch a movie, talk, or indulge in a moment of intimacy. It is not selfishness, it is nurturing this loving relationship that keeps the family alive!
  • 3. Taking vacations without your children. When your children start to be more autonomous you can even book a short vacation - maybe a weekend - without them. If the habit of carving out some space without your children is established immediately, then to your children it will not seem like something terrible to be left for a night with a babysitter or for a day or two with their grandparents. Moreover, returning from your vacation, your mind, body, and soul will be regenerated and the first to benefit will be your children! 
  • 4. Consider yourselves a priority. The couple is a long-term project, which does not end with the arrival of children. Children, we must admit, are "momentary"; they will soon leave the house and the couple will return to center stage. You do not have to wait 25 or 30 years to start enjoying your partner again because being a loving couple must always go hand in hand with being good parents. 

There are many parents who, without blaming them, give their best to their children and end up neglecting their partner. However, from the birth of a child, a couple's relationship should be strengthened and not weakened. To do this, a couple must never forget the loving relationship that led to the birth of their children which they must continue to nurture while raising their children.

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