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6 things for which we should never give…
A daughter is always deeply influenced by the relationship she has had with her father

6 things for which we should never give any explanations ...


To be interested in the affairs of others is a habit inherent in human nature.

We have all done it at least once. And knowing the details of the lives of others and forming an opinion about their situation is a very effective way to better understand ourselves through confrontation with others, and in this sense, it is not a harmful practice.

We know, however, that this is not always the case because if malice, envy, and spite are involved, this normal interest in others, becomes a way of expressing superficial judgments and of influencing the freedom of others. 

While some people have the gift of not caring about what others think, for many others, this is not so. And in that case, the opinions and judgments of other "people" end up very often influencing life choices, to the point of being stronger than one's own personal desires and inclinations.

What is the only antidote? To realize that there are some things we must answer only to ourselves and to no one else.

Here are six aspects of our lives that we should never justify to anyone.

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Priorities. Each of us - thankfully - is different from everyone else from every point of view, including interests and inclinations. If your dreams, goals or desires do not coincide with what "others" think they should be, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. As you respect the choices of others, others must do the same. 

Time. The people we know always want us to be sociable, yet very busy and involved, and of course, smiling! But life is not like that. We often need to be alone, to listen to our own thoughts and close the door to everything else. Even if this means giving up an invitation to dinner and it seems impolite, it is essential to respect your needs. Your time is yours, and no one should tell you how to use it.

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Emotions. We know it very well --- We cannot escape from what our heart commands, so it is useless to try to ignore it to make others happy. If you are not sorry for something you did, do not pretend to be; if you do not feel you have to ask for forgiveness, do not do it. Being faithful to your own feelings and emotions means being true to yourself. 

Opinions. Just like for emotions, opinions must not be justified too much. Obviously, if we are talking about something, it is constructive to give explanations, but we should not feel guilty if we disagree with someone. Being true to ourselves and our ideas can be difficult and painful, but it is good for both ourselves and others. After all, if you could choose between a condescending friend and a sincere friend, which one would you choose?

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SAYING "NO". The desire to satisfy the needs of others can often lead us to contravene our own volition or in any case, be forced to find a justification for every single choice we make. Therefore, sometimes it is also important to just say "no", without adding explanations. You do not want to do something? Then, your answer must be a simple and decisive "no'. This will help you believe in yourself ... and you will also gain more respect from others. 

What or who you love. Choosing to do one job rather than another, falling in love with an unconventional person, abandoning a comfortable life path for a more difficult one ... are all choices that others will not understand, and about which they will ask you for explanations. But those are choices, if you think about it, that determine who you are and that give you your distinctiveness. Everyone has the power to choose and pursue what they love, and it is the same for you. Denying your desires and choices means denying everything that makes you special and unrepeatable.


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