Any love that we are forced to beg for ... is not true love -
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Any love that we are forced to beg for…
Mom is she who carries you 9 months in her womb, 3 years in her arms, and all her life in her heart! Women who remain single for a long time end up being happier in the long run

Any love that we are forced to beg for ... is not true love


When a person loves someone, they often forget that love is a two-way and not a monodirectional feeling. They forget their own individuality by giving too much to the other person and by receiving very little or nothing for themselves in return.

Sadly, they do not seem to notice that the other person does not reciprocate their feelings in the same way, but when they open their eyes to the sad reality they still try in every way not to be separated from their beloved. 

They do not recognize or even think, unfortunately, that this is not real love --- it is only useless suffering.

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Removing from our life those who do not love us or who exploit us solely for their own interests, is difficult but absolutely necessary. It is an act of self-respect and requires its own time.

Being aware that your partner, to whom you have given everything, does not have the same love and attention for you, makes you suffer and makes you feel in some way wrong for having believed that your relationship was sincere and not false.

It is normal that in order to work out the situation one feels angry and disappointed, blaming oneself because the attitudes and behaviors of the person that was loved are so hurtful. But this is not the right way to free yourself emotionally from an unbalanced relationship and get your own life and independence back.

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Love does not mean that a person has to beg the other person not to be indifferent, instead, it means sharing and complicity. And if one partner is disinterested in everything related to this, then they do not deserve the constant care and attention they receive without reciprocating it at all. To eliminate one's identity for the other person does not make any sense, because there cannot be love between two individuals if first, one does not also love oneself. 

As much as one may think of having shared so much with the other person or that they are the right person, this does not justify the absence of love on the part of the partner and the annihilation of oneself. When you really love someone you do not live at the expense of the other, but with each other.

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