The relationship with one's older sister is one of the most precious things in the world -
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The relationship with one's older sister…
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The relationship with one's older sister is one of the most precious things in the world


Perhaps not everyone is aware of the important role played by a brother or an older sister.

Whoever has one will probably remember the quarrels and daily hassles, but also all the times that they protected and supported you by having your back when necessary.

The relationship between sisters is probably unequaled in a family, so that is why an older sister could be one of the most precious things you willl ever have in life.

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What does it really mean for a girl to have an older sister? It is an unparalleled bond and it means that with her by your side you will never be alone, you will always be protected, defended, and helped in the most difficult moments.

An older sister is also, after all, like a second mother who would do anything for her little sister. In family relationships, as you will certainly know, it is not always all sunshine and rainbows, there are inevitable frictions especially in youth between two sisters.

Therefore, growing up in the shadow of an older sister is never easy, just as it is also not easy to see that the parents' attention is now concentrated on another younger girl.

image: ellyn./Flickr

The quarrels, fights, and moments of stress represent a transitory phase that is useful for building a relationship based on mutual respect and trust. Obviously, mothers with their own personal experience are aware of this phase and also know that the true bond between two sisters becomes more lasting over the years.

Having an older sister helps you become mature because by seeing her go through each new phase of life such as getting a job, living alone or getting married turns her into a sort of "heroine" in the eyes of her younger sister.

An older sister is the figure that a girl has in front of her eyes during the stages of growing up, that is too young to be a mother but who is definitely closer than a friend. This relationship is something truly precious, unique, and important and that must be cultivated independently of any differences that may exist, focusing instead on the happy and joyful moments spent together.

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