The most powerful letter that a mother has ever written to her son ... to read and to keep

Shirley Marie Bradby

December 15, 2018

The most powerful letter that a mother has ever written to her son ... to read and to keep

From the first momentwe came into this world, they have always been there.

They accepted us immediately, even with their many fears and uncertainties, they raised us as best they could and for us they made, and continue to make, many sacrifices.

Parents have always given us their unconditional love, sustained in every moment of our life and desired the best for us. 

We can always count on them, but, as life, unfortunately, teaches us, there comes a moment when the roles are reversed and they need us.

This does not mean taking care of them only due to being driven by a sense of duty imposed by who knows what morality, but due to a sense of respect and recognition towards them --- in short, due to love.

A mother, with her letteraddressed to her son, teaches us precisely this, the value of this noble sentiment.


My beloved son, 

I am writing this letter with the sincerity that comes from the bottom of my heart. I want you to know how much I love you and how much I want you to be happy every day of your life. But I also need to ask you something ...

When I grow old, please be patient and tolerant. Try to understand that life is a cycle in which one is born, one becomes a child, an adolescent, adult, and then an elderly person, which is equivalent to becoming like a child again but in a different body

Perhaps, I will tell you stories and incidents that I have lived, maybe I will not be able to hear very well and I will ask you to repeat what you have said to me or maybe I will lose the thread of the conversation and I will not remember what I was saying or doing. Please be patient, do not be angry and do not yell! I swear I will not do anything wrong, just never stop sharing your time with your mother, with me, even when I grow old. 

Sometimes I will want to eat things that can harm my health, so try patiently to explain to me why I should not do it, just as I explained to you with love why you could not eat sweets when you were a child. 

I will have problems adapting to new technologies or I will need time to learn how to handle them and adapt to them, please, do not be angry. Have a little faith, if you teach me patiently I can learn faster and if I fail, at least it will be incredible to laugh together and later remember what happened.


My body will stop responding little by little, I will not be able to jump, run, or stand up with my arms, or play down on the floor like old times. Please do not stop giving me your hand but above all your trust. By your side, I can overcome old age and I promise not to become a burden on you

There was a moment when it was I who taught you how to walk, run, talk, hug. Who did not let you fall, who gave you food and took care of you every time you fell ill, who listened to you and looked at everything you wanted to show me. All that I did with patience but above all with love, with the same love that I still have for you. I liked every situation when I experienced it with you and I learned a lot, for this I thank you

Once again I ask you to be patient as I get old and try to understand that if it can be difficult for you, it will be even more for me. So, help me cope with it by using humor, so that life flows in the best way. Do not feel sad because I have grown old and have no doubts about the fact that I have enjoyed my time on earth, especially having lived my life next to you. 

Let's enjoy every moment that life gives us, sharing laughter, hugs, and stories. Let's enjoy the love and affection we have now while I am still here and please, never forget how much I love you. 

From your mother, who loves you with all her heart.