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Wonderful photos of children who are…
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Wonderful photos of children who are lucky to grow up with a pet!


Living in contact with animals helps us to understand what it means to love someone unconditionally and to respect nature.

Therefore, especially if you have children, it is important to make them understand the value of caring for a helpless creature, so that they will grow up to be adults who are aware of what surrounds them.

In addition, owning animals means that you will have babysitters that are practically tireless and always trustworthy.

Here are some photos of these formidable four-legged companions having fun interacting with their young human friends.

 1. While sleeping they will both keep warm as they cuddle each other.

image: Imgur

 2. This gentle giant cannot get enough of her kisses.

image: Imgur

3. Two puppies and little kid sleeping together in a laundry basket!

 4. Two kindred souls in contemplation by a lake.

5. These two are already getting along just fine.


6. Sweet dreams.

7. Inseparable friends.


8. Together but each in their own space.

9. When getting some rest becomes impossible.


10. Growing up together.

11. Falling asleep wrapped in each other's arms ...

12. A trustworthy babysitter in action.

13. Everyone has their own personal pet.

14. Waiting for playtime to begin ...

15. When in the winter you can stay in bed next to the one you love, it is the most beautiful thing you could ask for.

 16. Anybody know who that is?

17. This child suffers from autism and this hospital service dog provides company and comfort.

18. An exhausting afternoon.

19. So tired that you can hardly keep your eyes open!

20. Two sleeping in one baby basket.

21. Learning to walk ... but definitely not loving it!

22. Two scoundrels.

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