How old are you? Here is the test to find out the biological age of your body -
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How old are you? Here is the test to…
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How old are you? Here is the test to find out the biological age of your body


Our chronological age (that banal number which we find written on our identity card) is very different from the biological one that has a real connection with the body and longevity of a person.

Measuring the first type of age is very simple while for the second type there are a series of scientific techniques that measure and analyze our body.

The method we are about to propose is perhaps less scientific but equally indicative and will reveal the biological age of your body.

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Before starting, prepare your body for the next movements you will have to do by trying to make the blood flow into every muscle in your body --- doing a few jumping jacks should suffice. Then stand with your legs together and keeping them straight, flex your body forward and try to touch the ground. If keeping your legs together is difficult, you can bend them slightly, memorize the point where you arrived and compare it with the test answers. 

If you managed to: 

  • Touch the floor with your fingers or hands with legs outstretched, it means that your muscles are quite flexible and are comparable to those of a person of 20-25 years old
  • Touch the floor with your fingertips with legs stretched out or slightly bent without feeling any particular discomfort, means that your biological age is around 35-38 years old
  • Touch your feet but not the floor with legs stretched or not, feeling a little discomfort, means that your body's muscle flexibility is that of a person around 38-50 years old
  • If instead, you did not touch anything, or if you had to bend your legs too much and felt a lot of discomfort, then it means that your muscles are as flexible as those of person who is 50 years old. 

Fortunately, you can train and improve your muscle flexibility! With exercise, it is, therefore, possible to rejuvenate at least at the physical level. Remember that by following a healthy lifestyle, a regular diet, and doing daily physical exercise you can fool your identity card!

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