For 20 years she nursed her invalid husband and now her son is taking her on a trip to 20 different countries -
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For 20 years she nursed her invalid…
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For 20 years she nursed her invalid husband and now her son is taking her on a trip to 20 different countries


Helping others is an action that arises spontaneously especially with respect to the people who we love. It is something we do without wanting anything in return, for the happiness of others is the only desired reward for all our efforts.

It is probably this sentiment that prompted a loving wife, Carla Brooks to spend 20 long years taking care of her husband after he had suffered a stroke.

This woman sacrificed much of her life to take care of the person she loved, and she remained close by her husband's side until the time came to say goodbye. 

After his death, their son decided to thank his mother, in a totally unique way, for her devotion and dedication to his father.

Carla Brooks is a very strong woman who for about 20 years took care of her husband Karl after he suffered a stroke. The demise of a loved one makes everyone feel weak and vulnerable, including Carla who felt empty and lost without the love of her life. Seeing this situation their son Barton organized a surprise for his mother to try to uplift her spirits and repay her for the 20 years spent taking care of his invalid father.  

Therefore, Barton decided to invite his mother on a trip traveling around Europe to visit 20 different countries, one for each year spent taking care of her late husband. The idea came to him while he was browsing through an old photo album containing the memories of a trip to Europe that his parents had taken way back in 1962. Why not try to give Carla the chance to relive the same emotions of that beautiful vacation that took place so many years ago?

So, this is how it happened that Barton told his mother that they would be going together to visit Paris, which was news that got his mother excited right away. 

What, in fact, the woman did not know was that they would be traveling to and from several different European cities including Paris, Barcelona, Rome, and many more!

The trip would serve not only as a way to overcome the difficult moment of his father's death, but it also would be a way to express his gratitude to his mother for having spent all those years taking care of his now deceased father.


Without a doubt, Carla will treasure this beautiful trip as she travels around Europe together with her son, and keep it in her heart forever, together with every single moment of the last 20 years spent taking care of her late husband, the person who she has loved all her life.

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