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A Japanese physician who lived to be…
A mom goes to pick up her daughter from a daycare facility and discovers that her shoes have been attached with duct tape! Listening to people who always complain damages your brain: science confirms this!

A Japanese physician who lived to be 105 years old revealed 12 tips for living well --- they are worth keeping in mind!


The potion of eternal youth has not yet been discovered, but certainly, we know that there are many ways to live as long as possible and most of all, happily.

Some of these ways, 12 in particular, were revealed clearly by someone who really knows. We are talking about Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara, who was a Japanese physician who, among other things, had the "honor" of living to be 105 years old.

Before he passed away, in 2017, he compiled a list of good habits that can help us live longer and keep on smiling! Here they are!

  • 1. Only consider what truly deserves your attention. Stress harms our body and spirit, so avoid getting upset about matters of small importance. 
  • 2. Let yourself be inspired. Art, poetry, and music are great sources of inspiration, therefore, neglecting them means closing the door to imagination. 
  • 3. Spread your knowledge. Everything you learn, share it with others as if it were a gift to be given freely. 
  • 4. Plan, always. Do not let yourself be overwhelmed by busy days. By planning activities, no task will be too difficult! 
  • 5. Take your mind off the pain. Do not think about what makes you feel bad and takes away your energy, learn to look the other way and to let the pain go. 
  • 6. Don't neglect the everyday joys. Do not forget to pamper yourself and those around you and learn to enjoy the little moments of joy in life. 
  • 7. Don't stop at the first "opinion". In a discussion, always try to hear different variants, so you will be more objective! 
  • 8. Eat well and sleep the right. Health is a valuable asset, do not waste it. 
  • 9. Have faith in yourself. There is a difference between humility and lack of self-esteem! Do not ask for help at the slightest difficulty, resolve the issue yourself! 
  • 10. Resist materialism. Money is made to be spent, so do not be depressed when you empty your pockets. 
  • 11. Find a role model. Surround yourself with people that are better than you, and when you are indecisive ask for their advice with humility. 
  • 12. Love your work. If you have a job where you have fun, then you will never work a day in your life.
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