The 15 reasons why an aunt is very important in the life of a child -
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The 15 reasons why an aunt is very important…
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The 15 reasons why an aunt is very important in the life of a child


Anyone can say that they have a favorite aunt because they are perfect friends and also know how to give great advice.

Aunts are positioned halfway between a second mom and a best friend and are a figure that is essential to a child's development.

Of coursewe understand very well the importance of parents and grandparents, but aunts can give us something extra, a nice blend of lightheartedness, understanding, and courage, that you do not often find in a mom and a dad.

The following are 15 reasons why aunts are so important to their nephews and nieces.

  • 1. She sides with her nephews and nieces and not their parents. You can always count on the support of an aunt during a discussion because she understands your point of view.  
  • 2. She knows all your friends. It is not uncommon that an aunt is so trendy that her niece invites her to a girls night out!  
  • 3. Loves her nephews and nieces unconditionally. An aunt is a sort of second mother who made the decision to be a best friend rather than just an aunt. 
  • 4. You can trust her. You can reveal any secret even the darkest ones that you would never tell anyone. You may rest assured that your secrets are safe with your aunt. 
  • 5. She is a great prankster. She always closes an eye and has played along with your pranks on more than one occasion. And she tells you things you never would have known and often gives you things that you should not have!
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  • 6. She is a point of reference. You admire everything about her, her strength, charisma, and her ability to be a mother and friend at the same time. She is a good role model and has served as your mentor. 
  • 7. Always spoils her nephews and nieces. You will never see an aunt empty-handed. For her favorite nieces and nephews regardless of their age, she will always have a thoughtful gift for you.  
  • 8. She is the one you call when need help. She will tell you what to do and if necessary she will abandon whatever she is doing to come to help you.
  • 9. She encourages your rebelliousness. Although she can be a bit afraid for you, still she has encouraged you to explore the world and to make mistakes. Even in the most difficult moments, she will never stop believing in you.
  • 10. She has the final say. You trust in her completely, in her opinion, and in her judgment because she knows you better than anyone else in the world.
image: Pixabay
  • 11. She is one of the most important people. You think about her whenever you have a problem, she is your best friend, and she understands you perfectly as she understood your parents before you.
  • 12. She knows how to make you smile. She is the right shoulder to cry on and person to vent with, and you never get tired of her. Furthermore, you know that you can always reach her in the most difficult moments. 
  • 13. She has helped you to understand how your parents think. She has told you every incident, exciting or embarrassing story about your parents. This has helped you to better understand and appreciate your parents. 
  • 14. She is the one who gave you your first drink. Probably your first drink, you drank with your aunt, right? 
  • 15. She is the right person to ask advice about dating.  She offers advice that is somewhere between your mother's advice and that of your friends. She is the best person to talk to about this kind of thing!

Do you have an aunt who behaves like this with you, or you yourself the type of aunt that everyone would like to have?

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