The 16 tell-tale signs that confirm that you have found your soul mate

by Shirley Marie Bradby

December 05, 2018

The 16 tell-tale signs that confirm that you have found your soul mate

Finding one's soul mate is not always easy and sometimes it can happen that the person who we have at our side is not right for us.

In other cases, however, maybe we do not notice, absorbed as we are in our daily lives, that the person right next to us is precisely the man or woman who completes us.

There are small tell-tale signs that help us to understand if our partner is our soul mate or not, and that we can, therefore, stop looking! Let's discover these tell-tale signs together.


m-r Admir Kosovrasti Psychology & Psychotherapy/Facebook

m-r Admir Kosovrasti Psychology & Psychotherapy/Facebook

  • 1. Communication, which is the base of every relationship, is authentic and real and it does not hide anything and or tell lies. It is important to express in words what you feel inside because good communication will also lead to a higher level of connection with the other person. 
  • 2. Everything related to one's relationship, passions, struggles, joys, is intense
  • 3. When soul mates meet, from the first glance or the first exchange of words, the air is electrified and immediately a deep and intense connection is established that is destined to last over time. 
  • 4. Soul mates, share many things, both their individual passions as well as the ones they have in common. 
  • 5. In regards to your partner, there is nothing you want to change, you accept all his or her quirks and imperfections, and you have no desire to change your partner. 
  • 6. Once you meet your other half, you can no longer think of living without him or her. 
  • 7. With one's soul mate it is easy to establish mental contact so as to be able to immediately understand his or her moods and thoughts
  • 8. You have the feeling of having known your partner all your life.

  •  9. As soon as you think of each other, this immediately makes itself felt as if there were a connection. 
  • 10. Soul mates feel inspired by each other and feel they have a common purpose --- to make the world a better place. 
  • 11. Together you both feel you can face any storm. 
  • 12. From the first glance, one immediately perceives something familiar in the other
  • 13. Soul mates, also share everything they have learned about the world. 
  • 14. In a relationship, you always want the best for your loved one and you always support him or her, even when the choices your partner has made cannot always be shared. Being supportive does not mean, obviously, that you do not express your own opinion. 
  • 15. With your soul mate, you have stimulating conversations
  • 16. The beloved or the beloved does not hide anything from the other and does not lie to their face. They are always loyal to their other half that completes them as a person.