"You loved her, didn't you?" This romantic poem reminds us that every woman is a unique and unrepeatable universe - WTVideo.com
"You loved her, didn't you?" This romantic…
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"You loved her, didn't you?" This romantic poem reminds us that every woman is a unique and unrepeatable universe

November 14, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

It is no longer common for lovers to write each other poems, in fact, perhaps it is no longer fashionable to write anything inherent to love that is not a message on a smartphone.

Fortunately, we have the poems of the past, those survivors of oblivion that were able to describe the feelings between two people in love like few others. 

This poem by Charles Bukowski is among the most beautiful. In it, Bukowski describes a love story by highlighting the contrasts between a man and a woman, which we have all experienced first hand.

At the same time, it manages to communicate this diversity as being the true strength of a love story.

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"You loved her, didn't you?"
He sighed: 
"How can I answer you? She was crazy."

He ran his hand through his hair. 

"God if she was completely crazy. Every day she was a different woman 
One moment enterprising, the next awkward. 
One moment exuberant, the other timid. Insecure and determined. 
Sweet and arrogant. 
She was a thousand women, but the perfume was always the same 
It was my only certainty. 
She smiled at me, she knew how to get me with that smile 
When she smiled I couldn't understand anything anymore, 
I did not know how to speak or think anymore 
Nothing, zero. 
All of a sudden there was only her. 
She was crazy, completely crazy. 
Sometimes she cried. 
They say that in that case women just want a hug, 
She does not. 
She gets nervous. 
I do not know where she is now, but I bet she is still looking for dreams. 
She was crazy, completely crazy. 
But I loved her madly." 

Charles Bukowsi

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