The shop owner's wife is sick so his customers buy all his donuts early every morning so he can go back home -
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The shop owner's wife is sick so his…
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The shop owner's wife is sick so his customers buy all his donuts early every morning so he can go back home

November 08, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

With the advent of large retailers and shopping centers, small business owners and shops, mostly family-run, are disappearing all over the world. In fact, many are closing or have no longer existed for some time now.

The new rules of the market aim to satisfy the highest number of requests at an ever-lower price and often small businesses cannot keep up with the constantly growing demand and find themselves forced to close.

Some small businesses, however, are able to resist the oppressive and ruthless competition of the big chain stores, thanks above all to loyal customers who have never abandoned them.

The story we are about to tell you is about a small store in California, that after many years is now historic in the Seal Beach area, and has been selling its donuts to the locals for 40 years.

John Chhan and his wife Stella, from Cambodia, have been in the United States for 40 years and upon arriving in the USA they immediately opened their small donut shop named Donut City.

For many years, the business generated a very good income for the couple, but then sales started to fall. Then, at a certain point, suddenly, Stella was no longer seen in the shop and was missed by the most loyal customers. John, therefore, was left to manage the shop alone.

Many regular customers wondered what happened and soon discovered that the woman had an aneurysm that forces her to stay at home.

John's workday ends when he finishes selling all his donuts. Then, he returns home to his wife, who is convalescing. The local customers wanted to support John and his wife in some way, but the man did not want to accept money as donations.

So, the customers decided in unison to buy as many donuts as possible in the morning from him, so that he can go back home earlier. Their idea to help and support him and his wife has spread around the neighborhood and the surrounding area, and now many people prefer to buy their donuts from John, rather than from the large bakery chains.

Many give John kudos for the fact that he preferred to earn the money he needed by working rather than asking for money to raise funds. Moreover, every day, John, informs all his customers and supporters that his wife is improving and recovering a little at a time and that now she has started to talk again, to write, and also to eat. 

All this is possible because he can sell her or rather their donuts in the mornings and then go back home and spend more time with her, and not be forced to close their historic and well-known business.

We need altruism so much in this world, and the united action of these loyal customers shows us a wonderful example!

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