According to estimates, disconnecting devices at night can have a significant impact on your bill -
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According to estimates, disconnecting…
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According to estimates, disconnecting devices at night can have a significant impact on your bill

October 21, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Every day without realizing it, we waste so much money that if we were able to put it aside, that money could be very useful in times of real need.

Saving, in fact, does not mean paying attention only to the things we buy at the supermarket or remembering to turn off the lights in the unoccupied rooms in the house.

In fact, there are many errors that we unmindfully commit and at the end of the month, we are punctually hit with sky-high bills!

Here is what we are talking about ...

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Trying to save some money on monthly expenses is never easy, there are many things to watch out for, especially when talking about large families. The most common advice recommends paying attention when shopping at the supermarket, reducing the time in the shower to cut water consumption by half, and never leaving the lights on in unoccupied rooms. One of the highest expenditures in a house is the electricity bill, which comes punctually every month and if you have not paid enough attention you risk having to pay a very high bill. But what are the tips and tricks that can be utilized in these situations? 

  • Disconnecting all the electronic devices that you do not use during the night could lower the bill by about $100 a year, or a fee of about $10 per month! Even if the calculation was conducted on the basis of American houses that have an average of 24 electrical appliances attached to wall plugs, we are sure that the number of devices plugged into electrical sockets in many homes around the world is not far from that figure!
  • Even if switched off, electronic devices still plugged in continue to consume electricity. For this reason, unplugging things that are unused or already completely charged can save us about $100 a year! 

This is a method to absolutely try even if you do not have such a large number of electronic devices in your home. After all, trying does not harm anyone and the maximum that can happen is an effective decrease in your electricity bill!

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