19 animals showing their "love" that…
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19 animals showing their "love" that will make you smile even on the dreariest of days!

October 31, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Animals are able to show their affection in the most diverse and touching ways possible.

Whether it is toward a human or toward another animal or their own species, with their spontaneity and sincerity they can make a breach in anyone's heart.

The ones we are about to show you are 19 captured images of animals that feel a great affection towards someone and they manifest it in the most tender ways imaginable!

1. A tender family scene!

2. Raising a young elephant can be really tiring ...


3. Even barn owls pamper their children!

 4. " Please don't leave me home alone!"

5. "My dog ​​hugs my son in bed ..."


6. Here's how to start the day in the best way ...

7. A tender family portrait


8. This little lion sleeps protected between the arms of its mother

9. New best friends!


10. "Well ... what is there to look at?"

11. A new pair of loving parents !!

12. "I came back from my vacation yesterday and my dog ​​has not left me alone for not even one minute!"

13. A fence cannot stop this kind of loyal and loving friendship!

14. Sweet night cuddles!

15. Look at the eyes of this dog ... 💕

16. This guy has the flu and his four-legged friends want to help him!

17. A squirrel at the end of the day after hiding acorns all day ...

18. "Give me a kiss!"

 19. Passionate love!

Which of these images has touched you the most? It is true that sometimes animals seem to feel and behave just like human beings!

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