A pregnant woman lost her baby due to…
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A pregnant woman lost her baby due to an infection contracted while getting a tattoo

October 16, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Satisfying a whim and getting a tattoo at the wrong time in life cost a 16-year-old Colombian girl dearly.

In fact, Luisa Fernada Buitrago wanted at all costs to tattoo something under her right breast while she was pregnant.

All the known advice and instructions concerning tattoos, however, were not enough to keep her safe.

Consequently, she has decided to share what happened to her, to alert all pregnant girls and women, and in generalanyone who wants to get a tattoo.

Never let me fall. This is the phrase that Luisa wanted to tattoo on her skin. Many people had advised her not to get a tattoo during her pregnancy, but she had decided and was determined wanted to do it. Furthermore, she placed herself in the hands of a tattoo artist considered to be among the best. 

Yet, something did not go as it should --- most likely due to an inappropriate environment or some unsterilized instrument, Luisa contracted a bacterial infection that quickly attacked her spinal cord.

image: pixabay.com

She found herself no longer able to walk, but her misfortune was not destined to stop here. Due to the numerous therapies she was subjected to, the stress, and the infection itself caused a spontaneous abortion aka miscarriage. The baby she was carrying was not able to endure the situation. 

After a very difficult period, now Luisa is trying to make peace with her mistake. But her story, however, should remain in the heart and mind of all those people who want to get tattooed. It is imperative to always rely on professionals in the field and try to postpone getting a tattoo until after giving birth, in the case of pregnancy.


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