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Daughters who have had strict mothers…
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Daughters who have had strict mothers are more likely to succeed in life


The relationship between mother and daughter, especially during adolescence, can really become very complex!

On the one hand, the daughter begins to feel the need for emancipation and seeks her independence, on the other,  the mother starts seeing her daughter as a woman, with all the responsibilities that this entails.

 Usuallythis conflict is resolved with heated verbal clashes (we are sure that all of you have had some with your parents!), that end with a mother who exclaims: "One day you will thank me for this!". 

Well, today we want to reveal to you that, in factit is true! Having a moderately strict mother really helps a daughter to succeed in life.

image: Pixabay

A study conducted by the University of Essex in England has followed the lives of over 15,000 girls between 13 and 14 years, from 2004 to 2010, studying their relationship with their mother and the development of their lives

It emerged that girls who had resolute and stricter mothers were more likely to go to college and to further their studies, and to earn a salary on average higher than the daughters of mothers who are permissive or indifferent. Furthermore, they were much less likely to experience unwanted pregnancies during adolescence. 

According to the study, therefore, the most "unbearable" mothers, that is, those who are stricter in setting time limits for going out and returning home, or who insisted without relenting that their daughter help at home with household chores, ended up raising girls that are more conscious of themselves, their responsibilities, and future expectations.

Raising a teenage child is not easy, and there is often the question of perhaps being too insistent or severe, but in these cases, we must remember that we are doing it for their own good.

Learning the values of commitment and responsibility and learning to love yourself are lessons that your children will learn especially through you, thanks to your lectures and your prohibitions.

Science now confirms it --- One day your children will thank you ... also for your "preaching"!

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