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8 signs that could indicate that you're…
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8 signs that could indicate that you're in the company of a bad person

October 14, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

In our childhood, fairy tales teach us that there are good people and bad people in the world and that it is better to stay away from them.

In cartoons or animated films, identifying evil people is very easy; they usually have an ugly appearance and are an evil witch or wizard or a very mean and nasty creature.

However, in real lifeeverything is more complicated and so much so that often it is not very easy to understand the malignant nature of a person.

Most of the time, however, bad people have the following eleven characteristics in common.

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  • They always turn things around in their favor: Bad people are very good at adjusting the facts to make a profit or obtain benefits and to make you look bad or to make you feel guilty. They manage to make you admit to sins that you may not have even committed, because of their skillful ability to manipulate people.
  • They do not feel remorse: Evil people do not repent, even when they have hurt someone. They go straight on toward their goal, motivated only by selfishness. 
  • They have a double life: Being two-faced is what makes bad people really dangerous. At first, they may appear as friends and trustworthy confidants. However, in the most opportune moment for them, they will stab you in the back. 
  • They deny reality: It does not matter that things have actually gone in a certain way. It does not even matter if there are witnesses. Malicious people will always have the courage to deny reality to make you feel guilty and to make you apologize for something you have not done. It is their way of subjecting people. 
  • They use their good memory to manipulate the facts: One of the strategies they use to make other people feel inferior is by using their memory. They appeal to their own memorized details to say that they remember a certain incident well. Actually, they modify that particular incident to their advantage by relying on the fact you cannot or do not remember so many details.
  • They purposefully create confusion: Talking to a bad person is very difficult. They know how to shift the topic and attention to what they want, And in the end, a strong sense of confusion prevails that they will use to manipulate you even more easily. 
  • They never take any responsibility: In this way, they can always complain, denigrate, and condemn another person's actions. In their way of thinking, they have no obligation to anyone other than themselves. 
  • They are social climbers: Bad people often present themselves as friends because they want to reach their specific goal. They take advantage of the position and efforts of others to obtain benefits and advantages. 

If there are people in your life who have these characteristics, you had better keep your distance! These individuals almost never bring anything good and they provoke insecurities, anxiety, and humiliating submission. Despite appearing to be strong, evil people are actually very weak --- just isolate them to completely deprive them of their power.


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