As she was driving her son to school, she noticed his work-worn hands and the truth will fill her heart with joy and pride! -
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As she was driving her son to school,…
According to neuroscientists, forgetting things is synonymous with intelligence!

As she was driving her son to school, she noticed his work-worn hands and the truth will fill her heart with joy and pride!


When you decide to start a family, especially if it is large, you have to contend with the expenses you have to face.

In any age group, children require a very heavy financial commitment, and good parents always try to make sure that their children want for nothing, even if this necessitates many sacrifices. 

Cassandra Lane, the mother of five beautiful children, knows this very well because together with her husband, they have had to tighten their belts several times to provide everything that their offspring needed.

Clothing, sporting activities, school books ... their children have always had everything, including, and in particular, love and understanding, which have never been missing in their home.

And it is precisely because of the love that she feels, that this woman wanted to share a touching episode that has to do with her son Zeke.

It all started when Cassandra was accompanying her son to get his picture taken for the school yearbook at the end of the summer.

Suddenly, she looked at his hands and noticed his dark nails. She knew those hands well --- they were the same work-worn hands as her father, and the same as her husband when he worked tirelessly to provide what is necessary for their large family.

His son Zeke, now a young man, was accustomed to spending his summers employed in a workshop, thus contributing to the family income.

At that moment, seeing him looking a bit uncomfortable, she told him not to worry, because at school they would only take portrait photos, of his face. But she was wrong. 

Upon arrival, all the students were well-dressed and positioned themselves to take their pictures from the waist up! Cassandra started feeling guilty. Was she really a good mother? Was what her son had received from his family enough? Her son did not have a new car, he did not have expensive clothes, and he had certainly led a different life compared to many of his peers. These thoughts made her sad and insecure for several days, even making her cry.


One day she decided to share her thoughts with her son, who affectionately reacted with a big smile

"Why are you sorry?" he replied, "For having taught me that I have to work to get what I want, for teaching me the value of money, for teaching me that not everything is due to me?" The conversation with the young man, left his mother very reassured and with her heart full of love. 

A few days later, Zeke took his younger brother with him to buy a canoe, which he was able to pay for with the money he had earned while working during the summer. And his mother, seeing him, felt really proud of him ... and of herself

Therefore, to all parents --- never be afraid of being judged when it comes to material possessions because the happiness of a child is not measured by expensive video games, clothes or smartphones. Love, willpower, and values are the only inheritance that they will carry within themselves for the rest of their life.

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