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Everyone laughs at him for giving flowers…
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Everyone laughs at him for giving flowers to his ex-wife, but his response silences their criticism


Accepting the end of a relationship is always very difficult. In fact, very often there is not enough reflection on the fact that feelings of love can have a duration in time, and above all, that it could end against our will.

In fact, we love as a couple. However, everything becomes enormously more complicated when there are children involved. How do you explain to them, that it is possible that two people simply do not love each other anymore?

However, the important thing is to always maintain a sense of dignity and to be an example for children, especially, in these painful situations. 

But how can a person actually do this? Read the story of this man, who is also a father, who was mocked by all his friends for taking flowers to his ex-wife, on her birthday ...

The gesture of bringing her flowers was not an attempt to make her change her mind and get back together. It was not even an attempt to show off. The reason why this man decided to give his ex-wife flowers is very simple and at the same time admirable ... He explains it in a post on Facebook: 

"Today is my ex-wife's birthday. I got up early and went to buy her some flowers and a birthday card, I helped my two children prepare her a nice breakfast, and somebody mocked me because I keep doing all this, even though our story has been over for a while. I'm trying to raise my two little sons to be good men. The way they see women and love, in general, will depend on how I treat my ex-wife. In my case, the instructions that I'm trying to give them has to be even more direct, because the two of us are divorced. 

So, if you think that you are not providing the right example of behavior to your children, stop and do everything you can to be a good example. This is very important. 

Please, raise good men, and strong women. The world needs them, now more than ever."

How can we say that this father is not right?!  Many will consider the act of continuing to give something to a woman who has left you would be unmanly, but this man has not forgotten that this woman is still the mother of his two sons. Despite the divorce, the boys continue to consider the two as their mother and father and expect them to be extremely respectful to each other, and in doing so, their parents will not fail to meet their expectations.

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