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10 funny images of dogs terrified by…
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10 funny images of dogs terrified by something RIDICULOUS!


Do not believe those who say they are not afraid of anything. All of us are afraid of something, of flying in an airplane, of terrifying horror films, of heights or even of ... cute kittens!

Yes! Even our big four-legged canine friends are afraid of something, often it is understandable things but at other times instead, we really struggle to understand them.

Here is a series of images that show the funny reactions of some big dogs in the face of unexpected fears.

1. This dog does not like rain ... at all!

2. A really scary little dog?!?

image: ArkadiusBear

3. So strong and big ... and literally terrified of tiny kittens!

image: Hipster007

4. The only place in the house where he is safe from the Roomba vacuum cleaner!

image: Makattic

5. What did this dog see that has frightened it so much --- and how did it get up there?

image: Local-Lynx

6. From fear, this dog enters the rooms only walking ... backward!

7. This little dog must be a formidable fighter! ...

8. A really terrifying puppet doll!

9. Never abandon the security that a carpet can give you ...

10. What?! Terrified by a rubber pig? ...

What was the image that made you laugh the most? And, by the way, have you ever witnessed such scenes from your own dog?

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