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A young girl is being bullied by her…
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A young girl is being bullied by her schoolmates and her best friend amazes her with an emotional serenade


Moving to a new city is always difficult. We leave behind our old life of friendships, daily routines, and places dear to us. If possible, it can be even more complicated for a child!

Being in a new school, in a new class, and making new friends is never easy. This is the case of a young girl who had just moved to El Paso, Texas, and who had managed to make herself only one friend ... Yes, only one friend, however, he is worth 10!

Being the new kid in town or at school is not at all simple, as the young girl who is the protagonist of this video knows very well, as she had just transferred to a new school in El Paso (Texas). Often despite the efforts made to try to be kind and loving with everyone, you still cannot make a connection with anyone. But just one good friend is enough to make life at school less complicated! This young girl has a kind and friendly personality, yet during the first months of school, she managed to establish a very strong bond of friendship with only one little boy

One day at school, this young girl had a rather difficult time because she was being targeted for bullying by some other girls in her class. Knowing what happened, the little boy looked for the best way to raise his friend's morale and to make her feel his sincere friendship and support. We can see that he has fully achieved his goal!

Armed with a song and the speakers in his mother's car, that obviously acted as an accomplice, the little boy decided to serenade his new friend. The song chosen is "Count On Me" by Bruno Mars, a song that speaks of the importance of friendship, interpreted with notable emotional intensity by the little boy. At the end of the song, the reaction from the young girl is very touching

The video posted online by the little boy's mother, Ruby Jimenez, has been seen around the Internet, collecting thousands of shares and moving everyone. You can find a part of this touching serenade at the end of the article!

"Count On Me"

YOUR TURN: A Texas boy's sweet serenade to his new friend is warming hearts on social media. His mom says he befriended the new girl in class. After he learned some girls were mean to her, he went to her house & sang "Count On Me" by Bruno Mars, ending the song with a hug : http://bit.ly/2MWstqZ

Pubblicato da Clarice Tinsley su Lunedì 27 agosto 2018

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