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A husband asks for a divorce, but when…
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A husband asks for a divorce, but when he reads the reply letter from his wife, he realizes he has made a mistake!


This story begins like many others, unfortunately, with a letter from a husband who is leaving his wife to have a happier life together with his wife's sister.

A situation that is not very funny or entertaining, at least not until you read the wife's reply letter, wherein it is clear that she does not like the idea of being accused of being the one who has caused her husband to seek a divorce - as he writes.

A brilliant reaction that has prompted the applause of all those who have read the tit for tat letters between this couple.

The husband's letter

Dear wife, 

I am writing this letter to tell you about my decision to leave you forever. I've been a good husband for seven years, but I have not received anything from you in return. The last two weeks, above all, have been hell for me. 

Last week you came home from work and you did not even realize that I had cut my hair. I had also made sure that when you came home you found your favorite dish ready and I was wearing a brand new shirt. But you did not notice any of this, you ate in a hurry and you went to bed after watching your soap operas. 

Today I called you at work and you were not there --- and this was the final straw that broke the camel's back. 

For some time now, you no longer tell me that you love me and our intimacy has been reduced to a minimum. Maybe you have another and you do not love me anymore, but I do not care about knowing the answer --- I am leaving! 

Your ex-husband. 

Do not try to find me. I am going away on a long vacation with your sister. Goodbye!

The letter from his wife

image: pixabay.com

Dear ex-husband, 

Nothing has made me happier than receiving your letter today. It's true that we've been married for seven years, but the definition of "good husband" is far from what you've been. 

I watch soap operas to try not to hear your constant complaints, but it does not always work. 

I noticed that you had cut your hair last week, but the first thing I thought was that it made you look very bad. My mother taught me that it is always better to remain silent when there is nothing nice to say.

When you have cooked my favorite dish, you must have confused me with my sister because I have not eaten meat for years now. Speaking about the new shirt, I did not say anything because the price tag was still attached. And I was hoping it was just a coincidence that that same morning my sister had asked me to lend her that same amount. 

Despite all this, I still loved you and I thought we could work things out. That's why when I won €1,000,000 EUR in the lottery, I quit my job and went to buy two plane tickets to Jamaica, for the two of us. But when I came home to let you know, I found your letter. 

I hope you have the life you've always wanted. Take care of yourself and my sister! 

Your ex-wife. Rich and single!

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