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A nurse demonstrates her way of putting…
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A nurse demonstrates her way of putting a newborn to sleep using a towel and a large cloth

August 21, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The period following the birth of a baby is very delicate for new parents because there are numerous tasks to do and also many lessons to be learned ... and in the meantime, parents have to go on with their life, made up of work, and various other commitments.

For this reasonany advice that can facilitate the life of a new mother or father is welcome! In this regardwe offer today a "tutorial" by a nurse who demonstrates a technique to make a baby fall asleep naturally and quickly.

The main thing is to create a "nest" that will make the child feel protected, relaxed, and comfortable. This information will certainly be useful not only to mothers but also to fathers, grandparents, uncles ... and to anyone who has the wonderful but important task of looking after a newborn baby. 



The technique

The video in question, which you see at the end of the article, has been viewed millions of times, demonstrating the usefulness of the method that is illustrated. To put it into action, you need to have a towel or a rather large cloth (it must exceed three feet [one meter] in length). 

First of all, you have to roll the towel or cloth on its longer side, creating a sort of cord.

Then, after dressing the baby in comfortable clothes and lying it on his or her side, you have to wrap the towel around the baby's body and pass it under their head. In this way, the baby will feel like they are being "hugged" and the neck will be in a natural position.


Finally, through effectuating a very light massage on the baby's back, the relaxation process will be completed. As you can see this third phase is very fast and at that point, the newborn baby will already be asleep, and probably will not wake up for the next two hours, giving the mother an opportunity to devote some time to doing something else ... or to just relax.

Did you know about this technique? Let us know what you think ... and do not forget to show it to those who may need it! :-)

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