A woman notices a stray dog ​​with…
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A woman notices a stray dog ​​with puppies and shortly thereafter she discovers that a baby is hiding among them

August 03, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Dogs are the best friends of human beings and every day they show us their loyalty and goodness.

If you are among those who think that sometimes dogs are even better than human beings, this story will only confirm your belief. The incident took place in Argentina during a very cold night.

The story starts when Alejandra Griffa hears a soft cry coming from a corner of the parking lot near her house. She will never forget what she saw.

image: CNN

Secluded in a corner of the parking lot, there was a mother dog that was keeping six little puppies warm with her body, but not only. Alejandra also noticed a tiny human foot that was sticking out from under the dog. There, together with the mother dog's little puppies, was a newborn human baby. 

The dog, who later Alejandra baptized "Way", had found the abandoned baby a few feet away and had decided to adopt it.

image: CNN

As the local authorities later established, there is no way the baby could have survived without Way's intervention, that warmed the baby with her body, protecting the child from the cold nights. 
Alejandra immediately took the newborn baby boy and his brave foster mother to a nearby hospital. There they managed to trace back to the baby's mother --- a young girl, only 14 years old who received psychological support immediately.

image: Unknown

The incident was immediately reported by the local news media due to its emotional but positive outcome and the important moral we can all draw from it. Namely, that not only do dogs show extraordinary empathy, but they can also provide a selfless antidote for human heartlessness! 

We do not want to judge the girl, who is really quite young, and after finding herself in an unmanageable situation, reacted in the worst way. However, it is very impressive to see how this mother dog, despite having six newborn babies of her own, did not think twice about adopting a sixth ...  and from another species!

image: CNN
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