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7 secrets about your private life that…
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7 secrets about your private life that you should never tell anyone

July 30, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Secrets are often not so secret. Have you ever noticed how common it is that people share very private parts of their lives with people they do not know very well?

All this is understandable: we are social animals and we need to share and emotionally "lighten" certain burdens. And yet it is not always advisable.

There are things that are best kept to themselves. We have isolated seven areas to be treated with kid gloves when we are not with our family or with our best friends. Here are the main reasons:

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1. Past Resentments - Just as we said before, resentments from the past are one of those things that people tell others to rid themselves of a burden that oppresses them. We are led to speak ill of those who hurt us because we seek comfort in others but beware: negativity is very tiring. The other person is not your psychoanalyst, so try to talk about positive things. 
2. Material possessions - Do you know people who talk about the latest smartphone they have just bought or their new car? Do you like this very much? Well, there it is. However, it is more difficult to realize how annoying this is when it is we who are doing it because we know that we have worked hard and earned those things and it seems right to celebrate them, but the negative effect is the same! 
3. Your salary - As above, but it more subtle. Work is a common topic of discussion between friends and acquaintances, but be careful not to reveal the exact amount you earn. This will only attract either envy or compassion, in case your salary is higher or lower than that of your interlocutor. And neither is a beautiful feeling to have to deal with, so be reserved and you will not trigger these comparisons.

4. Future plans - The reasoning behind this point is very different from the others. It is not so much the effect it has on others as the effect it has on you. When you enthusiastically share projects for your future, with someone as enthusiastic as you, it happens that you already feel almost as if you have "arrived" without even being halfway there. It is a dissipation of the strong and positive psychic energy that you need to achieve your goals, and talking about your plans creates a sort of virtual satisfaction that hampers you from actually making your projects a reality. 

5. Your good deeds - Good deeds are done but never talked about. Morality is one of the most delicate areas of human experience, and people are prone to suspect that behind every good deed there is someone who gets an extra benefit. When you talk about your good deeds, you give them confirmation: you did it just to boast about it. 

6. Family problems - We know that whether it is the health of a relative or ugly and very articulated cross-fighting that is happening between different members or branches of your family, these are things that weigh on your heart. But you know about them because you are part of the family and none of them would like to know that you are going to talk about them with your friends. If these unpleasant family affairs spoil your mood, just tell your friends that you feel a bit down because there are problems in the family but remain on the vague side without giving explanations.

7. Your passions - There are moments in our life when something happens that impacts us almost on a religious level. It can be sports, work or, indeed, an actual religion or some form of meditation. When we are so taken over by one thing, on a deep level that we almost end up in a kind of ecstasy, then we need to pay attention to how we talk about it to others. They are neither in our heads, nor in our hearts, and if we let ourselves get too carried away, we will look like crazy preachers who want to convert them or something along those lines.


In conclusion, we should learn to moderate ourselves and not to download everything we think or feel onto others. It is normal and happens, therefore, do not blame yourself if you have done it because basically each of us is the center of our own universe. 

However, it is important to grow up to become mature people who can keep certain things to themselves. The quality of your relationships will improve and you will also feel more able to handle all the anxieties and joys that fill your soul.


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