These 16 touching images remind us that the world is full of love -
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These 16 touching images remind us that…
16 photos so annoying to see that you probably will not be able to finish looking at them! Dance challenge among the police! The choreography performed to the music of Bruno Mars is perfect and the video goes viral

These 16 touching images remind us that the world is full of love


Completely taken over by the frenzy of our days, divided between work, housework, and social duties, we often forget the most important part of our life, which should accompany every gesture, namely, affection, which when introduced in social life is manifested in various forms of solidarity.

You may ask why should you do it? To feel better! Because every gesture of love fills the heart of those who do it, even more than those who receive it. And not only. In fact, anyone who witnesses an act of generosity will inevitably feel his/her heart swell with positive feelings.

If you do not believe it, then, just take a look at these images, and let yourself be carried away by waves of tender emotion.

1. All mothers are equal, regardless of species

2. The best companion for playing as well as sleeping!


3. The baby chimpanzee's first medical examination

4. A mother's embrace is always irreplaceable

5. A true kiss of love


6. Six generations of women

7. When the strength of the human spirit carries the body with it


8. All living things need affection

9. True friends are seen in times of need


10. A hug long-awaited, too long

11. When normality is a luxury for others

 12. Close Encounters of the Third Kind

13. A police officer helping Mama Duck and her chicks, to cross the street properly --- on the zebra crossing!

14. Timeless passions - for every epoch and every age

15. Saving those in need, even if of another species, demonstrates kindness and generosity of spirit.

16. Relief to animals, the first victims of forest fires

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