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15 rules of good etiquette that everyone…
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15 rules of good etiquette that everyone should know

June 27, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Galateo aka good manners is now a stranger. In fact, in recent times, good manners seem to have been lost and many people do not know how to behave in certain situations.

Yes, they literally do not know how to behave --- because no one has ever taught them good manners! We have collected for you 16 personal behaviors recommended as good manners for different social situations that can always come in handy.

N.B. --- Some of these rules derive from etiquette aka conventional rules of personal behavior, which have a very traditional view of the roles of men and women. Obviously, the rules must be adapted to the social and cultural context in which we find ourselves!

1. When something falls on the floor in a restaurant

image: pexels

If the napkin falls on the floor in a restaurant, you can pick it up yourself. While, if it is a piece of cutlery, it is a good idea to call a server and get it changed.

2. A teaspoon in the tea or coffee cup

image: pxhere

Do not leave the teaspoon in your tea or cappuccino but remove it immediately after stirring the sugar and place it on the saucer.


3. Carry your handbag on the left

On social occasions, if you carry a handbag, make sure you keep it in your left hand. Why? Because you need your right hand to greet people.

4. Do not overdo it when offering an apology

image: pexels

Whatever the relationship is between you and the other person or whatever you have done wrong, do not overdo it when making an apology. Apologize until your apologies have been accepted but then do not continue to repeat how sorry you are. Commit yourself to making sure that the same thing does not ever happen again.

 5. Keep your smartphone in your pocket!

image: pexels

Whether you are at a restaurant, bar, or someone's home, do not put your smartphone on the table. Keep it in your pocket and do not look at it during the dinner or while waiting for an aperitif. It really does make a bad impression on the other person and besides, social media can wait!


6. Bottoms Up!

image: pxhere

With your friends, you can do as you wish, but if you are not sure of the formality of the social context in which you find yourself, remember that you do not slam the glasses against each other. To propose or adhere to a toast, simply raise the glass to face level and smile.

7. Do not help the servers

image: pixabay

Maybe you think you are doing something nice, but it is recommended not to help the servers while they are serving you, by passing them the dishes or in any other way. This is not good manners and could even be perceived to be intrusive by the server, as if to say that they are not doing their job very well or fast enough.


8. Nuts, peanuts, and chips.

image: pixabay

Remember that snack food or small pieces of food that are served in bars and restaurants should be put on your plate with the help of a teaspoon and never with your hands.

9. Do not help those who host you

image: Cory Doctorow

If you are a guest, do not help the host to cook or clear the table and if you are a host do not let guests help you while you are performing these activities.


10. Who decides when the dinner is over

On a date, it is the woman who decides when the dinner is over. If you are at the home of someone with many guests, it is the host who declares when you get up from the table.

11. Guests' handbags and coats

When a couple goes as guests to a dinner, the woman keeps her handbag, while the man takes her coat and carries it to wherever the host tells him to.

12. Makeup and nails

image: pxhere

Remember that the only place to freshen up your makeup or retouch your fingernail polish is in the women's bathroom. Not in the car, and not at the table of a bar or restaurant.

13. Nail polish colors

image: pixabay

In regards to nail polish, on formal occasions, classic shades of colors like red, pink or transparent enamel are recommended. Avoid other additional colors and decorations.

14. Greet people as soon as you enter

image: pixabay

No matter the gender, age or the relationship between the individuals --- whoever enters a room is always the first to greet those who are already present.

15. Saying "Thank you!"

In conclusion, remember to always thank people for every gift or any help that you have received!

16. Dinner table rules

One last important thing! There are rules that are still in vogue that can and should be used to communicate your liking to the dining room staff or to manage the timing of their service. Obviously, the understanding of these rules by the serving staff is not always to be taken for granted and depends on the type of restaurant or place where you are, but it is always better to have them in mind to avoid making a bad impression!


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